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Our company adheres to the people-oriented management; we try to inspire and mobilize the staff's initiative, enthusiasm and creativity, and are committed to the common development of employees and enterprises. We focus on building a sustainable development of environment and good internal environment, establishing a promotion system, talent incentive policy, performance appraisal system, a favorable communication environment, and training and development system etc.; we care for the physical and mental health of employees, regularly organize employees for health examination; we regularly organize colorful collective activities, to enhance the cohesion and teamwork ability ; we actively promote the consummation of salary and welfare system, and effectively protect the interests of employees, to synchronize the professional development of employees and company.

Please send your application to our recruitment mailbox. You can search Zhilian recruitment, Qianchengwuyou, Zhonghua Talent net, and Petro-talent and so on network for our recruitment information, and apply your job based on our current vacancies. If there is a proper vacancy for you, our recruiters will contact you and we welcome your application!

  • Recruitment
  • Numbers
  • Education
  • Place
  • Experience
  • Handle
  • Installation and debugging engineers
  • 4
  • undergraduate
  • Beijing
  • 3-6 years

1.Graduated in electrical engineering and automation or related majors, bachelor degree or above, technicians with construction team or switch cabinet factory technician experience are preferred;
2.Good command of national standards and industry standards, familiar with the status of electrical equipment industry, familiar with the installation and commissioning procedures, and familiar with PLC, RTU and electrical component wiring;
3.Can independently complete power distribution (primary, secondary) project of 35kV and below, factory power distribution works, installation and debugging work for ground construction and electrical control system and so on works for oil-gas field;
4.Any of work achievements corresponding with one of the above;
5.Familiar with AutoCAD or other engineering drawing software, familiar with Office or WPS and so on office kit;
6.Be able to read and use materials in English;
7.Strong sense of responsibility and with team spirit.

send to [email protected]
  • Marketing major
  • 5
  • undergraduate
  • Beijing
  • 3 years above

1.Working overseas, in charge of project information collection and preparation, agent selection, technical exchange, assistance for tendering work;
2.In charge of contract negotiation, maintenance of customer relation after-sales and so on market expansion work;
3.Achieve sales target set by the company;
4.Fluency in English, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese, and can use it as work language;
5.Have overseas sales experience above 3 years;
6.Sales experience of major equipment of petroleum industry is preferred;
7.Driving licensee is preferred.

send to [email protected]
  • Design engineer for pressure vessels
  • 3
  • Junior colle
  • Beijing
  • 5 years above

1.Junior college above, graduates of related majors;
2.Good command of English in listening, speaking, reading, and writing;
3.Solid expertise, familiar with pressure vessel related standard specification;
4.5 years above experience of pressure vessel design, adept in stress analysis;
5.Be able to use software for calculation, skilled with CAD drawing;
6.With one or more of the following criteria is preferred: with a pressure vessel certificate; with design institute working experience; have design experience in industrial boiler, oil industrial heating furnace, heat exchanger etc.; familiar with ASME, API and TEMA standards.

send to [email protected]
  • General plan design engineer
  • 3
  • undergraduate
  • Beijing
  • 4 years above

1 full-time, and 1 part-time, the part-time mainly works as the drawing reviewer;
1.Good command of relevant specifications for petroleum and chemical enterprises, skilled with AUTOCAD, OFFICE software, general plan related software;
2.Experience requirements: 4 years of design experience related with major in petroleum and chemical enterprises;
3.Foreign language requirements: be able to read and speak at certain level;
4.Other requirements: with team spirit, graduates from Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology are preferred.

send to [email protected]
  • Pressure vessel design engineer
  • 3
  • junior college
  • Beijing
  • 5 years or above

1.Have junior college diploma or above on relative majors;
2.Good at listening, speaking, reading and writing in English;
3.Have sturdy professional knowledge and know about the relative standard and criterion on pressure vessel;
4.Have five-year (or above) design experience on pressure vessel and good at stress analysis;
5.Able to make calculation by software and make drawing by CAD;
6.Give priority to the candidates who have one or several items below: have pressure vessel review certificate; have work background in design institute; have design experience in industrial boiler, oil industry heater, heat exchanger, etc.; know about the standards and criteria on ASME, API and TEMA.

send to [email protected]
  • Network administrator
  • 3
  • junior college
  • Beijing
  • 3 years or above

Responsible for company website maintenance, hardware maintenance, IT purchase, and management of monitoring control system.
1. 3 years above experience of network and computer maintenance work;
2. Skilled with at least one webpage production software;
3. Familiar with SQLserver and mySQL;
4. Steadfast, responsible, friendly, and possess strong learning capability.

send to [email protected]

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